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     Everyone knows how house chores can be a bit tedious and tasking, especially when you are a busy person and have a lot on your plate. After a busy day at work all you want to do is relax and put your feet up without spending so much time on house chores. However, keeping your house clean we all know is essential for personal hygiene and general growth. 

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            What if we told you DubaiHQ has the perfect product to fulfill all your dreams? Say goodbye to the conventional sweeping methods, with its stress, and say hello to the new way of sweeping electronically with little or no stress. DubaiHQ gives you the best Spin Broom Shovel in the market.


      It is the new way to sweep electronically, as it does everything to keep your floors clean and spotless. The ease that comes with this broom cannot be over emphasized as you need not to bend, or work hard. It is perfect for most floor types, floor tiles, rugs, wooden floors, laminated wooden floors, plastic floors, marble floors, cementand carpet floors. It reaches under skirting, has one touch large capacity bin, and empties in seconds.

      No drums, cords or bags cleans wet or dry mess, so you don’t have to worry when you spill soup, salad, or a glass of wine. It also reaches far under couches and beds. Light Spinning brushes pull the dirt skirting boards! It is an electronic domestic broom that works like a street sweeper, leaving no stone or dust unturned.

         It is very easy to use, with its amazing features. It has two outer brushesthat help you with the edges and a center brush that helps you get the dirt into the dustpan or trash compartment, from where you can empty after sweeping.

         To use all you have to do is put on the floor in a downward motion with little pressure so it could activate the side brushes. DubaiHQ gives you quality household products and delivers fast, so why don’t you click on the link below to see images and add to cart.



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